Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section provides a selection of the questions we are often asked by our customers. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are we required to use a set amount of the generated solar electricity?

No, you only pay for electricity that you use! There an no minimum usage obligations and no daily standing charges.

What happens with my current electricity supplier?

Nothing. You will continue to import electricity as normal and they will continue to bill you for the units that you use. You will see a reduction on your electricity bill as a result of the solar supply.

What happens if we want to move premises?

You sign a twenty lease but if you move premises the lease is transferred to the new owner/occupier. There are no costs involved and the new owner/occupier will benefit from the same reduced rate under the Solar PPA.

What are the Lease and PPA?

The lease is a standard twenty-year commercial lease that leases the air space above your roof. The PPA is the agreement states that you will buy the PV generated electricity at a reduced rate. Our Lease and PPA are fully transparent and have been certified by a highly reputable UK law firm.

What happens if there is a fault on the system?

You would draw your electricity from the grid as normal. We would send technicians to site within 48 hours to rectify any issues with the PV system, causing no disruption to your business.

What if we need to repair our roof during the term of the lease?

If your repair necessitates the removal of part or all of the Solar PV system, we will undertake the removal and reinstatement at our cost. The repair work to your roof is undertaken by you at your expense.

I am a landlord. Do I, or my tenant, benefit from the discounted electricity?

Either scenario is achievable. Landlords can re-charge tenants for the solar electricity they use, or allow their tenants to take the full benefit. We can advise on a full range of options that are available.

Will a Solar PPA satisfy commercial EPC obligations?

Yes, solar electricity supplied under Solar PPA will dramatically improve the energy efficiency rating of your property. From 2016 a tenant will be entitled to ask their landlord to carry out the measure recommended on the EPC and the landlord will have a legal obligation to do so. By 2018 it will be illegal to lease or sell a property with a rating lower than E. Our Solar PPA solution is the perfect opportunity to meet EPC requirements with no cost to yourself.

Will I be provided with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

We will carry out an energy performance survey of your property and provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate free of charge.

If you are interested in a Solar PPA for your commercial property or business, or you would like to know more then please contact us by calling 0203 289 9266 or email us at